Daphne Simons & Josie Perry: PLASMA FREEZE: Musical Playlist Daphne Simons & Josie Perry: PLASMA FREEZE: Musical Playlist

1-31st December 2020

Daphne Simons & Josie Perry, PLASMA FREEZE: Musical Playlist, 24m30s, 2020


This playlist of music videos can be viewed as a sing-along accompaniment to the comic PLASMA FREEZE: Making Friends, self-published by Daphne and Josie in 2020. These songs were written, performed and recorded with a number of enthusiastic collaborators during lockdown. Initially they were intended as material for a long-form video based on the comic script, but for the holiday season, we want to release this album of hits and pay tribute to the musical impersonators. There are still future plans for expanding PLASMA FREEZE: Making Friends into a series of video episodes for release in 2021.


Track list:

00:06  I Will Always Love Choux by Dave Shaw

04:40  I’m Waiting for my Ham by Petter Dahlström Perrson

06:14  Leaf Be Tender by Calypso Hetherington

09:12  Fry Me With a Spoon by Barnaby Wynter

12:39  Turkey Glaze by Li-Ming Hu

15:30  Craving by Josie Perry

18:31  Imagine (no potatoes) by Daphne Simons

20:43  Life on Mars Bar? by Sol & Angel

The comic book ‘PLASMA FREEZE: Making Friends’ is a limited edition in riso print. Set in 2004, it takes readers on a fictional trip through hi-fi and sci-fi,  featuring a teenage surf-goth band and a rebellious record-store worker trapped by a too-good-to-be-true hair-care regime. Both become implicated in a bizarre teenage-sweat-extraction plot, and their fates rest on the shoulders of a food-themed cast of tribute artists, led by Celine Dijon. It is available in Rotterdam at Life, Print Room and in Glasgow at Good Press.

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