Anna-Maria Pinaka & Prefix-poly: Like a Record Baby Anna-Maria Pinaka & Prefix-poly: Like a Record Baby
14th June-19th July 2021
Anna-Maria Pinaka & Prefix-poly: Like a Record Baby, 3m 35s, 2014
The video ‘Like a Record Baby’ is part of a project called ‘Daddy, I am Man’ which explores fantasies of masculinity, experimenting with ideas of reflection and seduction, and the vulgarity and innocence of masculine performative images and expressions. Through characters and role-play the artists explore aspects of masculinity that they find alluring, repugnant, decadent, problematic, and ones with which they hold close and readily identify within their own fantasies of masculinity.
Anna-Maria Pinaka is an artist and theorist focusing on the use of life material in art, and the relationship between sex, sexuality and image making, selfhood, auto-ethnography and performativity. Using the self as a source of performance, she creates a visual language that borrows from the rhetorics of pornography, but which relates also to the domestic realm, the mundane, banal and lived ordinary.
Prefix-poly is a visual artist and film-maker based in Spain, using text, sculpture, collage, costume, performance, photography and video to explore the following themes and areas of research: sex | desire | pleasure | extremism | death | eroticism | excess | repulsion | seduction | vulgarity | voyeurism | the abject | the grotesque | fantasies of masculinity | love | obsession.

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