2nd-31st May 2022

Nan Wang, Dust Poetry, 9m12s, 2013

Dust Poetry is a short film made with 7000 frames of dust that Nan Wang collected from her room, and black and white analog 16mm footage of small plants and insects she picked up from the garden. The artist has always been fascinated by the beauty of microscopic insignificant materials, like dust, plants, and insects, and tries to imagine their memories and emotions. The recorded sounds of insects singing and wind blowing among the plants were used to simulate their language and poetry. The aim of this work is to use dust and sound as elements to construct another reality that reflects on our mediated, fragmented, noisy world.

Nan Wang lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She researches the intersection between memories and technology, using both digital and analogue techniques and working in an abstract manner. She is a member of artist-run 16mm film lab Filmwerkplaats.

This screening is presented by Grace Baggott. Grace is an artist based in London, currently on a research placement at WET, during which she is assisting with our programme and working towards producing an event in our space.