WET Lounge #1 at TENT Rotterdam

Friday 28th June, 2019, TENT Rotterdam

With works by Anna Łuczak, Molly Palmer, Sophie Schmidt, Magda Starska and Stanya Kahn & Harry Dodge.

Full programme here.


WET Lounge #1

Unlike in the film industry, there is no set procedure for the production of films and videos in the visual arts. Within these conditions, the limitations and precarious modes of production which confront artists often become integral to the form and politics of the work; it is striking to see the various ways in which moving image artists turn these limitations into an exploration of an economy of means.

Our first event at TENT focused on the work of artists who have developed their own, diverse strategies to tackle these conditions, bringing into their productions elements of theatricality, home made props, and playful experimentation with material. Anna Łuczak, Molly Palmer, Sophie Schmidt, Magda Starska and Stanya Kahn & Harry Dodge challenge established artistic and audiovisual languages by embracing the DIY nature of their working conditions, a move which becomes not simply an economic choice, but also an aesthetic statement.


About WET Lounge

WET Lounge is a series of five expanded screenings, with events taking place between June 2019 and January 2020, hosted by TENT Welcomes. During each Lounge, we showcase works by artists operating in the gaps between video art and cinema, taking a broad view of what can be considered cinematic in order to incorporate elements of performance, music and installation. The events treat TENT as a potent space, somewhere between the communality of cinema and the architectural experimentation of contemporary art.


Image credits
Above: Still from Molly Palmer, Two friends and Two Curtains, 2016.
Below: Event photos by Nick Thomas.