Palestine Solidarity Screening

Tuesday 24th October, 7pm

WET, Hillevliet 90 (3rd floor), Rotterdam 3074KD


Suggested donations: €5/10/15/20 entry

All proceeds go to Medical Aid for Palestinians


A screening of three films by Palestinian filmmakers, with a focus on works depicting Gaza. We stand in solidarity with Palestinians, who have lived under apartheid imposed by the Israeli state for decades, who are now subjected to an indiscriminate bombing campaign, and who are under siege, without the basic amenities necessary for sustaining life. We stand against genocide and war crimes, and against the responses from western governments, who are complicit.


The works presented offer various perspectives on Gaza, from the early days of the Israeli occupation, to family separations, resistance, and the fabric of everyday life of Palestinians for whom violence is always present. As WET, we feel the best thing for us to do is to create a space to come together, watch films made by Palestinians from which we can learn, and offer material support. The screening is open to everyone.


We will collect donations and all proceeds from the event will go to Medical Aid for Palestinians (, an organisation which works for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees. If you cannot attend but want to make a donation, please do so directly via the Medical Aid for Palestinians website.

Soup (V, GF), drinks and merchandise will also be available in exchange for donations. T-shirts made & designed by Tracy Hanna.


Scenes of the Occupation from Gaza (1973) – Mustafa Abu Ali, 13m
Gaza Calling (2012) – Nahed Awwad, 51m
Home Movies Gaza (2013) – Basma al-Sharif, 25m

Content note: The selected films contain scenes from war zones in Gaza and Palestinian territories.

Thank you to the Palestinian Film Institute and Basma al-Sharif for the films. We extend our gratitude to all the filmmakers for generously sharing their films with us on short notice and without any charge.