Bergur Anderson – Unisong

Bergur Anderson – Unisong
Album release show

+ DJ baby weed

Sunday 16th June

De Hillevliet garden (Hillevliet 90, Rotterdam)


WET and Futura Resistenza are proud to present a release show for Unisong, the latest album by Bergur Anderson.

Bergur Anderson is an Icelandic visual artist, producer-composer and sound-maker based in Rotterdam. An electric troubadour playing with songs, voice, poetry and world-making, his practice combines and exists somewhere between music, performance, and conceptual sound art. Unisong, his forthcoming release on Futura Resistenza, will be his fourth with the label — with previous releases including LP Night Time Transmissions (2021).

Next to his own practice, Bergur collaborates with artists who seek to expand the notion of sound in their practices — as a composer, recordist, sound designer, mixing engineer and performer. Recently he composed the soundtrack for Lowland Melodies, A Polder Western, a multichannel film installation by Pilar Mata Dupont and WET member Erika Roux,* and collaborated with Katrina Niebergal on the sound for her film installation come Memory, which was shown in WET’s space in 2023. Bergur’s music is entwined with film and video, and takes on certain cinematic qualities, creating distinctly personal narratives, atmospheres and senses of place.

“Unisong is like a second chapter in Bergur’s troubadour/trobairitz research (after Around the Songster’s Commune, 2022) and an exploration into/practicing of Bergur’s own poetic and melodic ability. It’s a beautiful experiment in unifying and synthesizing something of a conceptual nature with something autobiographical. Let’s call it bare, easy-feeling, domestic pop. ‘Bare’ naked — and as in not-too-much-production. ‘Easy-feeling’ because that’s how it feels. ‘Domestic’ á la John Lennon, Watching the Wheels, and as in home and living a life. ‘Pop’ because it is; because it’s for everyone. It’s about travelling, longing, searching, finding — love.” — Katrina Niebergal


*You can catch Erika and Pilar’s work in their exhibition at Radius CCA in Delft until 25th August.


Access: This event will take place in the garden of De Hillevliet, which has step free access via a gate at the rear of the building; please get in touch if you want to use this entrance. The ground floor of the building has step free access via a ramp at the front of the building, but not directly from the garden. Gender neutral and wheelchair accessible toilets are available on the ground floor of the building. Please get in touch if you have any questions.