Upcoming feedback session: 19th June 2024

Available slots: 10-11:30; 11:45-13:15; 13:30-15:00; 15:15-16:45

What are feedback sessions? 

Feedback sessions are focused conversations about work in progress hosted and facilitated by members of WET. This mentoring program aims at supporting, nourishing and developing moving image practices for Rotterdam-based artists. With the conversations we want to create a safe and productive space to discuss work in progress in an expanded sense of ‘moving image’ . Depending on individual needs, we give advice artistic development and production, share references and think together about suitable presentation possibilities. A session is 1h 30 minutes long and is hosted at WET (unless the work strongly requires a different location), usually by two members of the collective. 

Preparing for a feedback session 

During a feedback session WET members can look at a limited amount of materials. Whereas we appreciate the importance of engaging with the audio-visual (and other relevant) materials, we want to make sure we have enough time for the conversation. Please make a selection of the most relevant materials and choose beforehand what you want to focus on.

How to participate? 

We organise a day of feedback sessions once every couple of months. While we would like to support as many artists as possible, most of our work is volunteer and our capacities are limited. Therefore we set dates as and when we can and don’t commit to a rigid structure. We will host 5 artists per day. The next session will be 19th June. If you are interested in sharing your work on the day please email us with a brief introduction to the work you would like to discuss and time preference at info@wetfilm.org

Feedback sessions are supported by CBK Rotterdam.