Krystyna Dobrzańska: Body Map

14 June -30 July 2023

Krystyna Dobrzańska: Body Map, 35min, participatory documentary, 2021

A film by Natalia Budnik, Julia Ciesielska, Oliwia Dahlman, Krystyna Dobrzańska, Natalia Fijałek, Dominika Krakowska

Filmmaker Krystyna Dobrzańska invited a group of young women living in a social rehabilitation facility in Szczecin, Poland to make a film about their life, dreams and the reality of the institution. During a three-week-long workshop they filmed each other in their free time, cooking, cleaning and goofing around. The cameras also accompany them to meetings with the pedagogical staff of the facility, where they discuss conditions under which they live and study together.