WET Lounge #2 at TENT Rotterdam

Friday 18th October, 2019, TENT Rotterdam

With works by Kathryn Elkin, Jolanta Marcolla, Erika Roux, Chick Strand, Teresa Tyszkiewicz and Pola Weiss.

Full programme here.


WET Lounge #2

This programme features six works, made by women, which combine documentary with avant-garde and feminist strategies. These artists direct the camera both inwards, inviting the audience into a frank intimacy; and outwards, towards their friends, lovers and communities. Through these tactics, they investigate heterogeneous aspects of female sexuality, desire and motherhood in various historical contexts.

WET Lounge #2 draws a connection between contemporaneous artists – with pieces from the mid 1970s to the mid 1980s – working in diverse geopolitical contexts (the USA, Mexico and Poland). Chick Strand, Jolanta Marcolla, Pola Weiss and Teresa Tyszkiewicz have all made major contributions to an alternative filmic canon, but represent differing takes on a feminist filmmaking practice, ranging from experimental ethnography to early video explorations and the production of explicitly sexual work under communist censorship. Alongside these works, the programme features Kathryn Elkin’s recent take on labour and motherhood and Erika Roux’s lyrical fusion of the vegetal world with female sensitivity. In portraying a complex kinship that is both biological and communal, the works serve as a contemporary link back to our assembled international sisterhood, through which we hope to raise the question of what legacy these works leave for us in the present.


Doors open 6pm (two installed looping videos will be running)
Screening 7pm-9pm


About WET Lounge

WET Lounge is a series of five expanded screenings. The events take place between mid 2019 and early 2020, and are hosted by TENT Welcomes. During each Lounge, we will showcase works by artists operating in the gaps between video art and cinema, taking a broad view of what can be considered cinematic in order to incorporate elements of performance, music and installation. We will be treating TENT as a potent space, somewhere between the communality of cinema and the architectural experimentation of contemporary art.


Above: Pola Weiss, Mi Ciudad
Below: Photos by Nick Thomas and Marta Hryniuk