WET hosts Filma

Screening at WET

26 November 2022, doors open at 16:45, for detailed program please scroll down

WET is proud to host a screening of selected works from Filma 2022. Programmed by geo, Yulia Serdyukova, Svitlana Shymkoa, and Ira Tantsiura, Filma is an intersectional feminist film festival whose collective body is based in Ukraine. For 2022, the festival focuses on experiences of displacement and migration caused by war across multiple geographies and political contexts, drawing parallels between the destruction wrought by the Russian war in Ukraine and sister struggles in Georgia, Palestine, Kashmir and elsewhere.

You can watch the whole festival online from 24 November to 9 December 2022 at filmafest.org.

About Filma:

In the 1920s, a «motion picture» was called both «film» and «filma» (in Ukrainian, the noun «film» is masculine while the ending «a» makes it feminine). There were even public debates about which form of the word was more correct. Gradually, the feminine «filma» dwindled out of use. One hundred years later, we have decided to name our festival Filma in an attempt to show that for us the question of what cinema is and what it can be remains open.

The festival was created by a feminist collective as a collaborative platform for films that meet the principles of intersectional feminism, anti-racism, anti-colonialism, inclusion, and a culture of consent. Conversations with the authors and protagonists of the films, as well as researchers and activists, are an integral part of the program.

Part 1 17:00-18:15

My favourite job (Sashko Protyah), 32’
Train of Shadows (Newsreel Front) 37’


Break 18:15-19:00


Part 2 19:00-20:15

Sneak preview (Amel Alzakout, Khaled Abdulwahed) 67’


Dinner* 20:30-21:30


Part 3 21:30-22:30

Landscapes of Terror (Kasia Hertz) 34’44
5 Exchange Lane (Anirban Dutta) 20’


Feel free to join one or all programs.


Content warning: the screening contains films which may be difficult to watch for some viewers, with scenes of people displaced by war, subject to violence, and in vulnerable situations. Some of the films contain graphic depiction of violence, war crimes, death, sound of sirens, and unintentional stigmatising language. Please read the descriptions of each film for more information. We will introduce each film before the screening and aim to provide space between the sections of the programme to discuss and reflect on the works together.

* Dinner will be vegan, gluten free and nut free. We will raise donations to support Filma Festival.

The illustration for the 2022 festival was designed by artist Valentina Petrova @genrietta_ionkblutt

Image by Valentina Petrova