WET hosts: Larisa David – A Year Without A Summer


A Year Without a Summer is an exhibition by Larisa David hosted by WET.

De Hillevliet, 3rd Floor

Over the last year, Larisa David has been exploring states of waiting through writing, textiles, sound, performance and conversations. The intention has been to look at waiting as an active moment where history and lived experience can help to navigate the emotional and temporal aspects of the present moment. Most of us lately have experienced intense moments of disorientation, anxiety, and uncertainty while time stretched and prolonged with no end in sight. The degradation of work, job losses, lack of social protection, emotional and psychological fragility, and isolation have been intensified in this period, highlighting an already existing crisis in the history of capitalism. It feels sometimes that we are waiting together for this moment to pass. If time is inescapable, how do we deal with this interval? What happens if we wait together? Are we even waiting for the same thing? Are we even waiting in the same way?
In A Year Without A Summer, four characters tell stories related to seasons. Each story, combining fiction and auto-biographic elements, reflects on waiting in relation to learned perception, questions of the future, and the notion of good life.
With Raluca Croitoru, Pilar Mata Dupont, Tracy Hanna
Composer Janne Piksen
Editing and proofreading by Honey Jones-Hughes
Conversations with Lili Huston-Herterich, Cannach MacBride, Yael Davids, Constanza Gajardo, Irina Gheorghe, Alina Lupu, Florian Cramer and Clementine Edwards will be made available online on the 11th of December for the duration of the event
Sound editing Nick Thomas
Special thanks to Sophie Bates and Marta Hryniuk
With the support of WET Film and De Hillevliet
Made possible by a financial contribution from CBK Rotterdam and Droom en Daad
The content is in English
Photos by Marta Hryniuk & Sophie Bates