Film co-ops/organisations/experimental film venues/platforms (existing)


aemi (Dublin)

anorak (Stuttgart)

Argos (Brussels)

Auguste Orts (Brussels)

Cinenova (London, UK)

Courtisane (BE)

Contour Mechelen

ACME (London, UK)

Anthology Film Archives

Aurora Picture Show (Houston, Texas)

Artist’s Television Access (San Francisco, USA)

Basement Films (New Mexico, USA)

DINAMO – Distribution Network of Artists’ Moving Image Organizations

Arsenal (Berlin, Germany)

AV-arkki (Helsinki, Finland)

The UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (USA)

CCCB (Barcelona, Spain)

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (Toronto, Canada)

Canyon Cinema (California, USA)

Centre for Visual Music (Los Angeles, USA)

Cinema Project (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Collectif Jeune Cinéma (Arcueil, France)

Echo Park Film Centre (Los Angeles, USA)

Escautville, Antwerp

Electra (London)

Electronic Arts Intermix (New York, USA)

Elephy (Brussels)

Eye Film Museum (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Experimenta (Melbourne, Australia)

Experimental Film Society (Dublin, Ireland, formerly Tehran, Iran)

Filmform (Stockholm, Sweden)

Freefilmers (Ukraine)

Gartenberg Media (New York, USA)

Harvard Film Archive (USA)

Hamaca (Barcelona, Spain)

Heure Exquise (Mons en Baroeul, France)

Image Forum (Tokyo, Japan)

IMAI Inter Media Art Institute (Dusseldorf, Germany)


joon (Berlin, Glucksburg)

Jubilee (Brussels)

Light Industry, NYC, USA

Light Cone (Paris, France)

LIMA (Amsterdam, NL)

Los Angeles Filmforum

LUX (London, UK)

LUX Scotland (Glasgow, Scotland)

Mass Art Film Society (Boston, USA)

Messidorgroup (Brussels)

Millennium Film Workshop

Museum of the Moving Image (NYC, US)

Nortwest Film Center (Portland, Oregon, USA)

On and For Production and Distribution

Pleasure Dome (Canada)

Picture Palace Pictures (USA)

Primera Idade (Lisbon)

RåFILM (Sweden)

Re:Voir (Paris, France)

REDCAT (Los Angeles, US)

Rooftopfilms (NYC, US)

SakDoc (Georgia)

Spectre Productions (Rennes)

sixpackfilm (Vienna, Austria)

San Francisco Cinemateque


Squeaky Wheel (NYC, US)

Stenar Projects

Subversive Film (Brussels/Ramallah)

The Deep Splash

Third World Newsreel (New York, USA)

Vertical Features, screening series (Toronto, Canada)

Video Out (Vancouver, Canada)

Video Pool Media Arts Centre (Winnipeg, Canada)

Video Data Bank (Chicago, USA)

Video Power (Maastricht, NL)

Vtape (Toronto, Canada)

White Light Cinema (Chicago, USA)

Winnipeg Film Group (Winnipeg, Canada)

Women Make Movies (New York, USA)

zero one film (Berlin)

6×6 project

Film Co-ops/organisations (historical)

Montevideo + NIMK (Amsterdam, NL)

Rewind (Dundee, UK)

Rewind Italia

Cinema 16 (New York, USA)

Serious Business Company (San Francisco, USA)

Black Audio Film Collective

Société pour le lancement des ouvres nouvelles (SLON)

Vidéo Out, Carole Roussopoulos and Delphine Seyrig

Film and Video Distribution Database

London Film-Makers’ Co-op (London, UK)

LVA (London, UK)


Cinema of Women

The Other Cinema

The Television Workshop, Dundee/Channel 4

Third Eye Centre

Fantasy Factory


Abkazian Visual Archives

Women’s Film and Television History Network UK/Ireland

Erika Balsom
Blog posts – Distribution Dossier

Books & Articles

Erika Balsom: After Uniqueness

Julia Knight and Peter Thomas: Reaching Audiences

Polish Cine Art

Canyon Cinema, Scott Macdonald

Documents Toward a History of the Film Society

Michael Zryd: The Academy and the Avant-Garde: A Relationship of Dependence and Resistance

Malte Hagener: Moving Forward, Looking Back: The European Avant-garde and the Invention of Film Culture, 1919-1939

Mike Sperlinger: Multiplexing II